Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Depressed Detroit

You can take away their Jobs, their Homes, their Automotive World, but Detroit Pride is something else...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grandma Beckstrand and our Utah Weekend

Jason's Grandmother, Jean Beckstrand, passed away on September 1st, 2009. We immediately began making arrangements to fly home that weekend for the funeral. It was hard to arrange flights, work, and all of the little details on such short notice but in the end it all worked out. We were able to spend about four days back in the great state of Utah with our family and friends. This was the first time we had been back to Utah in over 6 months and it was a much needed trip.
The Funeral services were held Saturday and it was such a great celebration of Grandma Beckstrands life. It was nice to gather with so much family and feel of all the love and support from everyone. We got to spend a lot of time with Jason's family over the weekend. We have really missed time with family and it was fun to be able to catch up and visit with every one again. Jason's sister Summer flew in from Colorado as well, we were sad that the rest of her family couldn't come with her but it was fun to have her with us. I love my sister-in-laws! It is so much fun to have all these new sisters and friends, I only wish we all lived closer together.

Over the weekend we got to spend time catching up with a few friends here and there. We had a lot of things we wanted to do and a lot of errands that we needed to get done while we were back in town. We were lucky to get most things done. Our trip was definitely to short and too overbooked but while we were there Jason and I made sure we ate at a few of our favorite restaurants that we don't have in Michigan... Cafe Rio, Jamba Juice, and Maggie Moos. We also went to Texas Roadhouse with all of Jason's family.

We were lucky in that it was Labor day weekend so we got

an extra day to spend with everyone. We spent time with Jason's Grandma and Grandpa Millward at their Ancestor party where we got to see a lot more extended family. We spent the afternoon up in Morgan with my family celebrating my Moms Birthday. My Brother Eric came home from Snow College and my Grandparents came down from Idaho to spend time with us as well. We tubed the Weber river and had a great BBQ while everyone was in town. This was Jason's first time tubing/kayaking the river with us. This is one of my favorite family activities and I was excited that Jason was finally able to do it with us. He wasn't a fan of the tubes though and after about two minutes traded me for a kayak. Tubes are the best, but not everyone can handle them. Jk

Last but not least we made sure to squeeze in hair cuts by our favorite stylist and friend ever, Marci! She is amazing and we just haven't found any one that compares to her out here in Michigan.

We want to thank everyone who worked around our schedules, changed their plans, and allowed us to come and visit with them on such short notice!

-Britt and Todd thanks again for letting us stay with you guys! We love little Kayson and still can't get over how big he has gotten!

-Grandma and Grandpa Morehead, Thank you so much for driving so far to see us. It means the world to us.

-Beckstrand Family thank you for all the food, fun, and for making us feel so at home again.

-Snyder Family- Thank you for being so flexible and understanding with our schedule. Thank you for the Sunday Dinner and the fun Monday!

-Grandma L- It was so great to see you and Grandpa Paul, and Paula too! Sorry it was such a quick visit!

-Emily and Jordan- Thank you for letting me come and stop by so late at night. I love your new home and your family so much! You guys are such a great example to us! Thank you!

It was a spur of the moment trip, and we wish we could have gone back under different circumstances but we are both grateful that we were able to spend time with family and be back in Utah for a few days. We love and miss all of you back home and can't wait till we can come back to visit again! In the mean time if anyone wants to head out this way...... hint hint! :)