Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"B In Love"

Dear Mazda3,

It has been a great three years.  I will miss you.

You were such a cute, fun car. Thank you for all the good drives, dancing and singing my heart out.  At the same time thank you for never telling anyone how many times I cried in the car during drives home after awful dates.

Thank you for saving my life when we hit black ice going 70mph and barely missed the semi truck and hit the median, stopping facing on coming traffic.  You handled the situation very well, and I'm sorry I never fixed your front grill for you.

Thanks for being such a great sport about the many many drives down Parleys Canyon to meet the cute Salesman who sold you to me.

I know you had quite a bit of miles on you and have travelled not only across the state of Utah, but half way across the United States as well.  Remember when we drove you all the way to Michigan and you never complained once?!  You were such a great car to endure that long long drive.  And then I had to drive you back from Michigan all by myself.  You were packed to the ceiling with all of our things, it was just you and me, and 36 hours of driving, and rockstars, and snow storms, and sleeping in the front seat at scary truck stops, I know you were glad to be home too.

You were a great car, I know I complained at times (but lets face it, you weren't cheap) but with out you I would not have met him and with out him... well lets not think about that.
Love you Mazda3 and thanks again for bringing us together.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Activities

I feel like I really haven't gotten into the Christmas Spirit as much as I normally like to. To much stress, work, I really have no excuse though.

We did get a  fun gingerbread house making night thanks to the Glovers.
Melissa is the best, she had homemade houses for us, all sorts of candy, and even soup and rolls to make it a perfect Christmasy night.
When I grow up I want a cute house and cute baby and be good at cooking just like her.
I think I ate more candy than we actually put on our house that night.
But tis the season right?

Monday, December 6, 2010

97.1 zht, Thank You!

We met early at the Hospital this morning for a "Birthday Breakfast" for Brittany.
Which turned into a Secret Santa morning from 97.1 Morning Zoo.

We couldn't be with Skyler, since he is in the PICU right now, but it was such a great thing to surprise and see Crystal smiling and laughing and crying (happy tears) all at the same time.  

Merry Christmas Skyler and Crystal!