Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Date Night!

I guess when you are married, every night is date night... You + Date (spouse) + food + movie= Date. Right? At least that's how dating was back in college so I guess it still counts?? If that's the case than my "dating life" is awesome. Because that is what I have to look forward to pretty much every night. Now I'm not complaining, sitting on the couch, eating Nachos, and watching a movie with Jason is one of my favorite things! But on the rare occasion that we find something to actually go and do out here in Michigan, let alone people to go and do them with, I get just a little bit excited! This last weekend I brought Jason to his first REAL baseball game ever! (The Salt Lake Bee's just don't count.) I babysit for some of the players kids and they had some extra tickets for us. It was so much fun. We got to sit where the players families sit, right behind home plate, and watch the Tigers beat the Colorado Rockies 4-3. I grew up going to Seattle Mariner games and it is such a fun childhood memory. One I'm sure Jason was so sick of hearing about by the end of the night. "And one time, with my Dad...." I was excited to be able to share this with Jason and for him to experience a real major league game. I don't think he is a born-again baseball fan, it lacks the speed and adrenaline for him, but I like to think he enjoyed it as much as I did! I really loved Comerica Park. There is an awesome view of the city and after the game they even had fireworks.

To top the night off we went to P.F. Chang's and got my favorite food.... Chinese. While at the restaurant we noticed the booth next to us was two younger couples, both boys dressed in white shirt and tie. You don't see that too often out here, and my first thought was Missionaries? but than they had dates... After eaves dropping a little bit on their conversation we found out that they were all members. One couple was married and the other appeared to be an awkward set up. I got so excited to find another young LDS couple and figured we were destined to be best friends! After all, here we all were on a Friday night at P.F. Chang's... it was fate right?! Needless to say Jason and I spent the rest of the night coming up with different ways to become their friends. After many great plans that involved "accidentally" tossing a CTR ring onto their table and speaking the words "Prophet", "Temple", and "Book of Mormon" very loudly in their direction, we eventually left the restaurant friendless. I guess if it is fate we'll run into them again later. But just to be safe I still think it would be a good idea to eat at P.F. Chang's every night just in case they come back.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nanny Diaries

I finally got a job out here in Michigan! I began Nannying for a family the first of this month and love it! I've nannied for years now and every time it's a new challenge and new adventure. I think it is truly such a rewarding job. While some people love going to the office and working in doors for 8 hours a day, I just can't do it. I need to be able to get out and go and do new things. I applied for all sorts of jobs when Jason and I first got to MI but with the high unemployment rate out here, everyone and their dog was also applying for the same jobs. It got pretty discouraging because I wanted to be doing something I enjoyed and not just hitting buttons on the keyboard all day. I'm still just a big kid at heart and there are so many fun parks and things to go and see around this area but I had no kids to use as an excuse to go and see them. So I decided I would just "borrow" someone else's kid and Nanny again!

I have nannied for kids of all ages and loved all of them! I've been babysitting since I was 11 and just love kids. Hence my college degree in Family and Human Development. Through nannying I have gotten to live and do and see so many amazing things that I would have never had the opportunity to do otherwise. I lived in New York with the Bertolotti family, where I spent a summer nannying a 9 and 11 year old. As big as the age difference was Raquel, the 9 year old, really became my best friend while I was out there. We had so much fun together! I recently was able to go and visit them again and even though she has grown up so much she is still the same goofy little girl that I love!
I nannied in Logan while going to school too. Than in Park City and California, with the Morrison Family. They quickly became my second family and Olivia and Sophia quickly became "my girls" and Mitchell and Myles put up tough competition for Jason. :) I got so attached to these kids that it is still hard every time I have to say goodbye to them.

When I started working with this new family I could feel myself starting to put up defenses so as not to get too attached. But it has been two weeks now and I am already falling for this little boy. I mean, come one, just look at him! How could you not?!

Robbie is full of energy and so much fun! I'm exhausted by the time I get home everyday but I still love it. I hear that being a Mom is the best job ever, but I beg to differ... I think Nannying is, because you get to play with them all day and than when they are tired and whiney you get to hand them back to their parents! jk I know Motherhood will be amazing, but for now I am more than content playing with other peoples kids, and Jason is in FULL support of that too!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For any of you who were saddened by the news in February of 08 that The Format was no longer, I have good news! It's back! Just under a new name... FUN. I was pretty excited to hear that Nate Ruess, the lead singer of The Format, would be going on to create his own band and continue sharing his musical talents. I was even more excited when I heard they would be touring and even making a stop in Michigan! I love shows, doesn't really matter who's playing, but the news that my favorite bands, new band, would be coming to a location I could actually get to, I was more than excited! With only one online download released to the public I didn't really know what to expect from FUN, a more tripped out version of The Format maybe? I knew it would have a similar sound and style. That's usually what happens when you take a staple member of one band and and create another (e.g. Angels and Airwaves/Blink 182, The Color Fred/Taking Back Sunday). Even with the addition of a girl band member, FUN is The Format, with a little less energy. Nate came out ready to put on a show. I think the shock that The Format is no longer may not have set in all the way for him yet. They were not headlining so maybe that was the reason for the lower energy from fan appreciation. Or maybe the Bands aren't lying when they say that Utah is their favorite place to play. There were a few true Format fans there to cheer on Nate as he came onto the stage. I being one of them. I couldn't help but smile when I saw him come out front and center. It had been a while, and well come on its Nate!? I was excited to see what he had been up to and come up with. Nate is still as crazy and "weird" as he was before. His voice is still awesome. His songs are still fun. But two songs into the set he announces that since they are a new band they were going to do some covers. Covers are always good, but before I knew it I was at a Format concert. FUN covered The Format! Go figure. I don't know why this bothered me so much. I think I wanted to see more of FUN and hear what they can do, not how they can change the originals of great songs. I will admit that I got excited when I heard the intro to "The First Single" and couldn't help but sing and dance along. It took me back to high school, driving down main street, Farmington, in my best friends car dancing and singing our hearts out. Back in the day when there was just a handful of us who even knew what The Format was and were making our own Format T-Shirts. Back before it was the "cool thing" to listen to The Format. Fun will have an easy transition into the spot light though. All those previous Format fans will be sure to follow. Fun has talent I'll give them that, but if they are going to be a new band than I guess I just want them to BE a new band! As sad as I was to see The Format go, I think they need to let them go and do their own thing, as Format sounding as it may be. I couldn't help but notice how emotional filled Nate seemed to scream "I don't need anyone!" during The First Single. I don't know all the drama that went down when The Format decided to call it quits, but I almost felt for a second like that was a slap in Sam Means face. I'm sure FUN is singing about a lot of other things rather than The Formats break up but I couldn't help but notice that some of their songs are a little strong. "At least I'm Not As Sad As I Used To be"... I'm probably way off on this one since apparently a lot of these songs were written by Nate while The Format was still alive. Don't get me wrong, FUN put on a good show, I really did enjoy it. They have talent and as the fan base grows and more music is released and more people can sing and dance along, the energy will grow and the power of Nate Reuss will be back in full swing. In retrospect, I will support FUN and will wait to see what their CD holds this summer. But as far as a replacement band for The Format, I think not. You cannot replace the originals. Loved the show. Loved Nates voice, and the new girl rocked. She sounds like the girl from Straylight Run, but I'm not sure who she is... Anyways. Even though this may sound like I was disappointed in the show, I really wasn't! I enjoyed it. Overall my only disappointment was that Nate Reuss looks so much better in skinny jeans than I do.