Wednesday, March 27, 2013

As blessings would have it

Ashton and I started off our sunny day heading to South Jordan to find him a super handsome Easter outfit.  He was a super star shopper today.  We went to Jamba Juice for lunch and sat out side in the sun.  We were heading home completely happy and satisfied.  I looked back in the rear view mirror to see this.
 I thought, Today is perfect. This is one of those days that makes me want to quit my job and spend every second with this boy.

Coming around point of the mountain I heard the funny noise, I blamed it on another car at first.  But once we were getting off on our exit I quickly realized it was my car, and my tire, that was completely flat.  We made it off the freeway and pulled over on Timpanogos Highway.  Not the best place, but better than the freeway.  Jason was in Provo at school, I had a flat tire, and a sleeping baby who was bound to wake up any second.  After my mini panic attack everything started falling into place.  

I called my friend Casey who just happened to be up the road getting lunch.  He came to save the day.  Ashton slept almost the entire time, which is a miracle right there.  Jason had called a head to a tire place a few miles away and told them we would be coming and arranged for the right tires.  We started up the highway, but couldn't get going past 30 mph.  My traction control kept coming on and then the great Prius decided to just shut right down.  We didn't even make it half a mile. 

 Long story short, the Prius is lame, if the tire goes out in the front, you are suppose to switch it with a back tire and put the spare on the back, otherwise it trips the traction control and shuts you down.  
Casey had to be to school, we couldn't get the car started again even if he had time to switch the tires.  I called my visiting teacher, Natalie, who came and picked Ashton up off the side of the road, while Jason arranged for a tow truck.  By the time I picked Ashton back up it had been over a four hour ordeal.  Great day turned crapy right?  I was annoyed but as I was sitting at the tire shop I started seeing all of the amazing blessings.  

One, Ashton slept most the time. 
Two, Casey and Natalie coming to help us and them even being available.  
Three, that I didn't have any appointments at work that day (something that rarely happens).  
Four, Jason happened to be on a break at school when we first got the flat tire, otherwise we would have never been able to get a hold of him.  
Five, as we were driving home from picking Ashton up, I was a little emotionally exhausted and starving.  I thought in my mind "I just really wish someone would bring me dinner tonight".  Ten minutes later we were outside putting the car back together when Jaimie, (the people we live with) came outside with dinner for us.  I couldn't believe it.  Someones in tune with the spirit. 

This is another me post.  A post to help me remember that even with the littlest of things.  God is always watching me and making sure I'm taken care of.  Feeling so loved by him and his angels today.