Friday, May 21, 2010

2 Month Update

We have now been back in Utah for two months (and one day to be exact) so I figured it is about time for an update. We are continuing to settle in here, and we are enjoying being back in Utah. We do still miss old friends in Michigan, but are loving the convenience of being close to so many friends and family members here!
The past two months have pretty much consisted of:

Moving in with Jason's Parents

Looking and looking and interviewing and interviewing for jobs.

2 and a half weeks later I got the greatest job at a restaurant in Highland called the Blue Lemon, as the Event Coordinator for their Blue Room. It is (one of) my dream jobs. I'm learning so much and really enjoying it. It's a real grown up job and everything. No more going to work in my swim suit. I put make up on everyday and yes, sometimes I even wear nylons.
After exactly a month living with the in-laws we moved into our own apartment in South Jordan. We are slowly getting furniture. First came the TV, then the mattress, the TV stand, a couch, finally a table (still no chairs, who actually sits at their tables now a days?). You can see where our priorities are though, Jase bought the TV before we even had the apartment. Since we were renting a furnished place in Michigan it is kind of like we are just getting married again and re-opening all of our wedding gifts. It is fun and I'm excited to finally have my own place to decorate.
We sold Jason's beloved car. It was a tearful goodbye, and now we are truly doing the "Student thing" and dealing with having only one car.
Jason is officially enrolled in school and will start at BYU-Salt Lake next month. We are both very excited!

We are excited for this new journey, new opportunities, and new adventures. Things are definitely falling into place and we are so grateful for all of the people who have helped us and supported us in this big life change.