Friday, October 18, 2013


While I've never really cared much about motorcycles or had much of a desire to ride one (my mom instilled in me at a very young age that they are death machines) I'm not going to lie I can now say I wouldn't mind owning one, way way way down the road.  Like maybe mid-life crisis time.  Jason use to have a motorcycle before his mission and has always talked about wanting another one.  We've also talked about renting them in the past.  So as little surprise I rented Jason a motorcycle for the day.  He of course figured the surprise out way before I could give it to him, but hopefully he was still excited by the time the day came around.  
I wanted to go when the leaves were changing because I thought it would be fun and scenic, it was gorgeous but I definitely didn't take into account how cold it could be in the fall on a bike.  Luckily the bike Jason picked out had heated seats.  We dropped Ashton off at my parents house and headed to Park City.  Morgan to Park City is all canyon and mountains, so pretty. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants in PC, Szechwan, and enjoyed just having the two of us at a restaurant together.  We took a "scenic route" back to Morgan which had some incredible look outs and was just all around breath taking.  It was such a fun day date.  Always nice to have an excuse to hold on to Jason too. 
Ashton is his fathers son and also really loves motorcycles and thought it was a pretty cool toy.