Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Walk

Yesterday Jason and I were able to participate in the CureSearch Walk at Liberty Park.  It was such an amazing walk and I couldn't believe the turn out!  This was the first time that CureSearch has come to Salt Lake and so far it had the largest turn out of all the walks this year.  As a whole the walk raised over $70,000 for Childhood Cancer Research.  Team Skyler was in the top 5 for the groups who raised the most money too.  Crystal and her Mom put a lot into this event and it was incredible running into so many people we had never met all wearing Team Skyler shirts.  

There was a special feeling at the park, everyone was there for the same reason, we were all connected in someway.  Some had fought, some had lost, some are still fighting, and some where just their because they love.  It was an emotional event seeing so many Cancer Fighting Cuties running around with their little bald heads and fighting spirits.  I read a lot of Skyler's Buddies Blogs and it was like I was seeing celebrities all over the place.  I wanted to run up and hug so many of these little kids and thank them for their courage and example and tell their mothers that I pray for them and have spent many nights crying as I read about their heroic journeys.  
I was in charge of taking pictures for our team and loved every minute of the event!  I ended up running the cameras battery out there was so much going on and so many moments to capture.  To read more and see a few more pictures visit Skyler's Blog.  Can't wait for next year!
"Team Skyler
For the Fighters, Survivors, and Angels"