Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blessings and Love

Tonight Jason and I were able to go up to Bountiful to give Skyler and his mom a blessing.  Skyler is going in for surgery tomorrow to do a biopsy on his lungs.  He has been having bad fevers lately and the tests are showing that he may have a fungal infection in his lungs.  We are praying hard that this is not a new form of fungus.  Not the fungus that almost shut all of his organs down just months ago.  We can't bare the thought of seeing him go down that road again.  
He is one tough little dude.  
You wouldn't have known he was sick seeing him tonight, he was so happy and "normal".  As normal as a cancer kid can be, the lump under his shirt where his central line is, his fuzzy head now that his hair is growing back, the slowly healing scars from the many different tubes and surgeries he has already undergone.  He looked so big sitting in that chair tonight, with his arms folded, a wii remote in one hand and carmel popcorn in the other, he reverently closed his eyes while Grandpa and Jason gave him a blessing.  
A blessing of love and strength.  
It brought tears to my eyes.  I love that Jason is always prepared and willing to give blessings.  I love that he is worthy of the power that he holds to do so.  I love that my father raised me in such a way where I'm not afraid, or too proud, to ask for a blessing when needed.  I love that I have a testimony of the power, love, strength, and healing that can come from these blessings.  What an amazing thing, a direct line from our Heavenly Father, our own special love letter from him.  That he loves us, cares for us, wants us to be happy, and even though his answers may not always be our own, they are always for a reason.  He does not give us anything that we can't endure, and for that I am grateful.  
You are in our prayers Skyler, we ALL love you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Mom loves April Fools Day.
Jason now loves Sushi too.
AKA, gummy worms, rice crispy treats, and fruit rollups.
You get us every year Mom.