Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Happy Fourth

I've always loved The Fourth of July, mainly because of the memories I have of spending it fishing and watching fireworks with my Grandparents in Idaho.  Also I really love fireworks, there is just something magical about them that I can't get over.  

This year was perfect.  We went to a pool party at our friend Aislinn's house in Provo, had the yummiest food and swam and played.  
Aislinn spoils Ashton and I think he loves her for that.
That night we went to another BBQ and watched Fireworks at Brent and Krista's.  They have a little boy, Mack,  just one month older then Ash.   Brent and Jason were best friends growing up, so they are destined to be buddies too. 
(I just love this picture of these two best friends with their little babes.)

Yes I made everyone dress in matching clothes and pose for a picture, you can just tell how thrilled both boys were for this idea.  But, hey your first Fourth of July is a special day.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blue Vegas

Apparently Vegas is becoming our place to vacation during the summers.  Jase and I went last year together while I was pregnant with little boy Ash.  This year we got spoiled by Blue Lemon and took our first solo vacation with out the little guy.
We went down with all of the Managers from the three different Blue Lemon locations and stayed in a huge house they rented for us.  Hung out by the pool for most of the day, hopped a party bus for a night out, fancy dinner at Sinatra, walked the strip, SLEPT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT (I think this is what I had been looking forward to the most), more pool time, BBQ, spa day with massages and manicures, shopping, more yummy food, another amazing night sleep, morning at the pool and then we were headed home.  Quick trip, but much needed and appreciated.  BL is the best! I love working with so many fun and crazy people.  
Ashton stayed with my family and even though I felt super guilty leaving him I don't think he missed us all that much.