Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Black (modest) Dress Party

Jason got us tickets to Detroit's 95.5 "Little Black Dress Party" this last friday. Jason loves the radio station 95.5 out here and I'll admit their morning show is by far the funniest and most entertaining morning show I've ever heard (sorry x96). They hosted the event at Sound Board inside the Motor City Casino Hotel. What an incredible venue! The Motor City is a place Jason and I have heard about and have been wanting to check out while we are here too. It was so much fun to dress up and get a private concert by IYAZ, Kristinia DeBarge, and Jason DeRulo. I didn't really know any of these artists prior to the concert, and I haven't been to many "Pop" concerts either. All I knew was Jason DeRulo's hit song "Whatcha Say" and the only reason I knew that song is because he "stole" the best parts from an Imogen Heap song, that I've been a big fan of for quite some time now. I was secretly hoping that Imogen Heap would randomly show up to perform the song with him. It didn't happen, but he still put on a great show. I picture him as an up and coming Usher. Jason tags along with me to all of my concerts so it was fun to go with him to something he was excited about. Plus I loved getting dressed up and having a night out on the town (a free one at that) with Jason!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creepy Crawlies

Jason got quite the scare this Halloween when he found this guy hanging out on one of my shirts in our closet. He thought it was a broach at first (not sure why I would have a broach... let alone one that looks like this, but whatever). Anyways after spraying it with hairspray to see if it was a living thing and not a broach, he bravely "tomahawked" it with a shoe as it was running away. After much research to find out just what in the heck it was we've learned that we had our very own Scutigera Coleoptrata or House Centipede. Jase said it was the size of an iPhone. GROSS! My first reaction was that we were moving out right away and I have been creeped out ever since. These guys apparently eat all other bugs and some people keep them as "pets". Luckily they say if you kill the one you have than you most likely won't have any others because they can't coexist. Phew! Except since it's death we are now seeing spiders, and Jason is having a love hate relationship with this creeper... SICK

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I heart Chicago.

I heart Friends.

I heart City Views.

I heart the Willis Tower.

I heart Cheese Cake Factory.

I heart the Shedd Aquarium.

I heart City Nights.

I heart Jamba Juice.

I heart Pizza.

I heart Jason.