Sunday, May 27, 2012


 Our first attempt at solids (aka rice cereal) was pretty successful.
Baby was fully onboard with this idea and loved it.
Almost as much as he loved the spoon. Someone likes having control (oops wonder where that came from).
Second attempt wasn't as promising.
6 Month Stats:
Length: 28" (92nd percentile)
Weight: 19lbs 11oz. (84th percentile)
(just incase you were concerned about his small head circumference at his 4 month check up, he is now in the 31st percentile, not so so teeny anymore.  His cheeks more than make up for it.)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day in the Desert

Yes, I spent my first Mother's Day in the desert, while on my way to "The Desert".  I'll try and make this story as short as possible, but there will be an overload of pictures (something about having a baby makes you love every picture you take).
Long story short I got asked to help drive a car from Park City to Palm Desert by the family that I use to Nanny for out their.  I jumped on the chance to take a free vacation to California and spend a few days with my not so little girls and have the family meet Ashton too.  All I had to do was drive a car out there.  Easy right?  That's what I thought too.  We had the car checked out and made sure everything was ready to go the day before.  Sunday morning bright and early Ashton and I loaded up and said goodbye to Jason (who had to stay behind because of fun fun summer school).  We made it all the way to St. George before we had to stop and get gas and get out and play for a little bit.  I've done this drive a bunch of times, so I knew my next stop would be Barstow for gas.  We were on that loooong stretch of straight highway by Death Valley when all of a sudden the car started sounding like a lawn mower and I noticed the little icon that looks like a buoy floating in water (which I later learned is called the temperature gauge) had dropped down into the blue, which in my mind I thought was better than red, right? anyways I called Jase and he said to pull over as soon as I could. Before I knew it the car was smoking.  Luckily there was an exit I was able to take, the last and only exit for miles.  As soon as I took the exit the whole car lost power, no power steering, and no brakes.  I had to drive the car into some sand and pull the e-brake to get us to stop.  Yes I was freaking out, which made Ashton freak out, yes it was 100 degrees outside, and no we were not near ANYTHING!  There was a lot of drama with in the next 5+ hours that involved us being stranded in the hot car for over an hour before we could get a tow truck, and then being stuck in Bakersville for the rest of the time at a gas station while we waited for someone to come pick us up.  Did I mention we were driving a Land Rover, ya that explains a lot huh?
If I went into all the details of all the craziness that went on while stranded this post would never end.  After the initial freaking out in the car the rest of the situation was just completely laughable.  I usually get so nervous before any kind of trip, but felt completely calm and ready for this one.  I never even dreamt anything like this would happen!  We were on schedule to arrive in Palm Desert at 3:00pm but got there at 10 instead.  However the next day was spent completely relaxing and playing in the pool.
I have been obsessed with taking Ashton swimming and was so excited for his big debut in his swimming suit.

We swam.
We napped.
We had staring contests with the dog.
And we swam some more.
 We laughed and caught up on life.
 And I remembered why I love these kids so much!  
Tuesday we took one last walk down El Paseo before heading to the airport.   
Before the whole car breaking down thing I was so nervous to fly with Ashton, but after surviving all that, I felt like I could conquer anything!  Ashton did amazing, I loved having my little man with me so much and I secretly love all the attention he gets from everyone.  Just to top of our crazy trip, he had a blow out on the plane, I was too mortified to get up and try and get to the plane bathroom, plus I hadn't brought an extra change of clothes for me so we just sat there covered in poop for about an hour.  I apologize to all the passengers next to us who had to endure that smell the whole time.  So embarrassing...
Even though my first Mother's Day wasn't spent the way I had imagined I still loved Ashton and I's little adventure.  I just love being his Mom and I am so grateful to have him in my life.  Jason, as always, was super thoughtful and got me treats for my drive, a new gym outfit, and a super awesome kite.  
How he comes up with these ideas I don't know, but I love it! We also spent the Saturday before I left in Park City shopping and going out to eat with his family.  
I sure do love my life, car disasters and all.