Monday, February 24, 2014

5 years

This is our family at five years...

The fifth anniversary is "wood" so we went out to dinner at Goodwood Barbeque and then saw Hunger Games, Catching Fire (soooo good!)  I also got crafty and made Jason this little wooden frame and carved our initials in it and tried making the glass a chalkboard instead.  It didn't turn out perfect but  it was still a fun little project.
Back in October we returned to Bountiful Mazda, where we first met back December of 2007.  Jason let me pick out my new car.  A sleek and curvy new Mazda6.  I love it.  It was our early BIG five year anniversary present.  We felt it was only right we went back to Bountiful Mazda for it.  We also wanted something completely reliable and under warranty while we were in Med School so it would (hopefully) be one less worry.

After Jason and I got home from our date night we were chatting with Toni, Ashton's favorite babysitter, and I started having some bad pains, which over the next three hours continued to get worse, to the point where we woke Ashton up and headed into the hospital at 2:00am.  I was admitted with pre term labor (@ 31 weeks), luckily they were able to slow down my contractions and gave me the most wonderful Zofran.  I don't know if it was the pain or what, but I couldn't stop throwing up, and my body started shaking like it did when I had Ashton, like it was going into shock or something.  I had really forgotten how bad contractions can get.
I had actually had a Dr's appointment earlier that day, where Dr. Lind had scheduled another ultra sound since I was only 31 weeks but was measuring 36-37 weeks.  He is thinking I'm carrying way to much fluid.  I started having a bit of a panic attack and began blacking out thinking about how early this baby was.  Jason just calmly looked at me and said "we're having a baby, it's going to be okay" gratefully that wasn't the case but as always I'm so amazed and thankful for how well Jason takes care of me.  My Doctor had me get a betamethosone shot at 28 weeks for the baby's lungs, just to be safe, which was very comforting for me now.  Ashton was such a trooper and sat in his chair watching TV and held my hand once things calmed down and we were just waiting things out.  Hoping he is not traumatized after all the commotion he witnessed.
How could I ever ask for a better little boy?
Romantic ending to our evening for sure... but really we are all just grateful this little guy decided to stay in for hopefully another month at least.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Perfect Love Day

I've always loved Valentine's Day.  I love it even more now, especially since I get to spend it with these two Valentine's of mine. 
(This is one of the best pictures of these two.  Seriously makes my heart skip a bit I love them so much!)

Since our Anniversary is the following week, we've turned Valentine's Day more into a family celebration of love rather than just about the two of us.  It's perfect because the following week it is much easier to get a dinner reservation!  

I started planning Valentine's Day out in January.  I had so many ideas, while not all of them happened, the ones that did were absolutely perfect.  I was so happy, excited, filled with pure JOY! that I literally couldn't even hold still or stop smiling the whole time.  
Jason had to work on Valentine's Day but he had the day before off so as our special Vday activity we headed up to Midway to explore the Ice Castles.  Ashton loved them.  They were amazing to look at and so fun to walk through.  We went on a warmer day so things were getting pretty melty.  Ashton loved picking up ice chunks and throwing them or trying to catch water drops in his mouth (until it landed in his eye and that was the end of that).  Unfortunately it ended up raining on us so we didn't spend as much time there as I think we would have otherwise.  
The next stop was Dairy Keen.  Ashton is absolutely obsessed with trains.  It is the first thing he wants to play with in the morning and when we ask him what he is going to dream about at night it is always trains.  Needless to say I thought this was the perfect place for him, "home of the train".  It was even better than I remembered it.  It had the big train that goes around the ceiling that he was mesmerized with the whole time and it also had train pictures and model train decorations all around that he loved pointing out to us.  There was even a big train table with tons of trains and tracks that he could play with.  He left the restaurant in tears because he never would have left otherwise.  
On Valentine's Day we had a yummy family breakfast of cinnamon rolls.  We were all about making presents this year.  I made Ashton an alphabet book with pictures of him doing different activities ("A is for Ashton, B is for Bike" etc.)   Ashton and I gave Dad some presents/arts and crafts cards we had made with some treats.  
Jason had hidden love notes all through out the house so while he was at work he would text me a hint to find each one.  I loved this because it made the entire day special.  He also made me a dozen red duct tape roses.  A few years ago I got pretty upset with him for getting me waaaaaay to expensive flowers.  I couldn't stop smiling over these handmade roses that will last me much much longer than real flowers.  I love that Jason is thoughtful enough to look up how to make something like this and then spend all that time making something just for me.