Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wonderful Christmas Time

I was in love with Christmas this year.  Can you take a guess why? I love reliving everything through Ashton's eyes.  Everything is new and exciting and magical.  He was obsessed with Christmas lights and ornaments.  Everywhere we went this year was full of "ooohs!"and his cute little finger pointing at everything.   I snuck and bought a tree this year, Jason didn't want one, scrooge right?  I guess he had a point though, Ashton was constantly trying to pull everything off of it.
Work was the busiest it has ever been and honestly it about did me in, but it made me really appreciate and enjoy every moment I had with Ashton. 
 Hard to believe how small the little man was last year.
Christmas Eve we went for a drive through the lights at Thanksgiving Point.  I'm not sure what Ashton was more excited about, the lights, or the fact that we let him drive.  He's obsessed with steering wheels.
We had our traditional Chinese Take Out Dinner and read Ashton the story of baby Jesus.   Then once Ashton was asleep Jason and I got to play Santa for the first time.  We just got him one big present, a bike with a detachable steering wheel.  I was giddy putting this together for him, and could hardly sleep that night being so excited for him to wake up in the morning.  I thought we would have to point it out to him when he woke up, but as soon as we walked into the living room, he about jumped out of my arms for it.
I have never seen him so excited over a toy.  We were feeling like very good Santa's Helpers.  He just sat on it and giggled and couldn't stop smiling and looking at us like: "is this really mine?!"
This was by far the best part of my Christmas, just watching all of his excitement over just one toy.  We also had an amazingly perfect white Christmas, I love living in Alpine for the views alone.
We joined the Beckstrands for Christmas Lunch and more gift exchanges.
Then headed to the Snyders for Christmas Dinner and more gifts.  Between his birthday and Christmas Ashton has pretty much tripled his toy ownership in the past month.
I have a feeling Christmas will just keep getting better and better.
Merry Christmas.  Love, the Beckstrands