Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Not quite sure where Summer went this year...  I don't feel like we got to enjoy it like we wanted to and I'm sad to say that our Bikes didn't even make it out once all season.  We will blame this on the crazy amount of Credits Jason took this summer and on the 40+ Weddings/Dinners/Luncheon I put together.  Not to mention, I was feeling quite "under the weather" up until the end of July.  So what did we do besides work and school?

Tin foil dinners in the mountains with friends. A little bit of St. George. Celebrated Jason's Birthday.
Miniature Golf with the Fam.  
Go Karts. Lots of Ice Cream this summer. Played like little kids in the arcade.  
We did make it to the pool once or twice.  4 Wheeling for the 4th.  Fireworks, Fireworks, and more Fireworks.  
Massive bon fires (thanks Dad).  Some kayaking and cliff jumping at Causey.  Hiking at Sundance.
 Jason spoiled me, as usual, for my birthday, which led to a quick trip to Vegas. 
Where we explored every free form of entertainment possible, walked the strip till I couldn't walk anymore and lounged at the pool as much as Jason would let me.  (This has definitely been my whitest summer yet!) 
 Bowling, movies, BBQs, cabin trips with friends.  We got to walk for a cure and visit the amazing Make A Wish
Oh and did I mention I gained 9 pounds this summer? 
Ya, seriously.
So I guess we weren't exactly bored this summer.  But heres to a hopeful boating trip next year! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The other day I made dinner for Jase.

It doesn't happen very often (and I've never attempted steak before).

Jason's response when he walked in the door?

"Crap, what day is it? It's not our anniversary or anything right?"