Thursday, March 29, 2012


The Make-A-Wish foundation has always been one of my favorite charities/organizations ever since I can remember.  I've always been intrigued and amazed at all they do.  Last year Skyler got to go to the wishing room to make his wish.  It was an incredible experience, one I am so grateful I got be apart of, but at the same time, wish that it was for different reasons.
Make-A-Wish goes all out for everything.  When we went with Skyler the first time, they give everyone a "wish coin" to throw into the wishing pond out side.  Then you go inside and everyone gets to say a wish of their own.  When it was Skyler's turn he only had two wishes.  To have his own Chuck E Cheese room or to go to Chuck E Cheese.  He then got to go into the wishing room and put his wish in the wizard hat  We then went around the room and all said what our wish for Skyler would be.  This was crazy emotional for all of us.  The wishing room is beautiful and peaceful and exciting all at the same time.
When they announced to Skyler that they would be granting his wish, Chuck E Cheese and his girlfriend Helen came to his house to tell him.  A few months later they surprised Skyler with his very own Chuck E Cheese game room.  They transformed the family room in Grandma and Grandpa's basement into a full on mini Chuck E Cheese.  All sorts of games, prizes, food, pizza, everything a little kid could ever dream of!
This picture of Ty and Jason just makes me laugh.  Notice how they are both standing.  Brothers.
We recently got to go back to Make-A-Wish for Skyler's star raising party.  After wish kids wishes are granted they get to come back to Make-A-Wish and write their name on a star which is then raised up to the ceiling with all of the other special stars.  
Then they treated us to yummy cupcakes and even more presents for Skyler.  This time Ashton got to come with us (I guess he was their before too).  I know he will not remember this but I was very excited to be able to take him inside the wishing room.  We kind of had to sneak in but I really wanted to see it one more time.
I hope and pray with all my heart that Ashton will never have any reason to be a Wish Kid.  But I am so grateful for all of the kind hearted and giving people that do so much for these little kids who so desperately need and deserve a little magic in their lives.  Thank you Make-A-Wish for letting us be a part of something so special.  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blessing Day

March 3, 2012
Dear Ashton,

Today you were blessed by your Dad, it was a perfect blessing and a perfect day.  I've been looking forward to this day long before you were even born.  Every time there was a baby blessing I would get so excited with the thought of Jason holding and blessing you.  Such a special moment for you and him, and for me.  

You looked so cute in your blessing outfit, even though your shirt was too big and your pants were to small (they were the same pants your Daddy was blessed in, we couldn't squeeze you into the same shirt though). 
We were able to do it on a Saturday, at our church building, so it was just our family and friends.   So many people drove so far to come and be a part of your special day.  
You had a lot of amazing men stand in the circle with their hands on your head.  Your Grandpa Snyder and  Beckstrand, your Great Grandpa Morehead, Millward, and Beckstrand, Uncle Todd, Jayden, Eric, and Tom, and your Dad's good friend Brent.  I want you to know that all of these men are good and caring and they all love you and I hope you can gain qualities, and have the opportunity to learn, from all of them.  
We had several generations with us, you are a lucky boy to be spoiled by so many Grandparents!
We had lunch afterwards, with yummy Blue Lemon BBQ Brisket, and lots of yummy treats that everyone brought for you.  I wanted to do something special for you so we had a wishing tree for people to write their hopes and wishes for you on.  I hope you will take the time to read your stars someday, and that you will remember how special you are and that so many people love you and want you to be happy and succeed in life.
Your Dad gave you such a beautiful blessing.  Ashton, remember that you are a Child of God and that he loves you.  Remember to love the scriptures, to set an example in all you do, to marry in the temple, and to have a sense of humor. 
Remember that your parents love you so much and most importantly remember that your Heavenly Father loves you, and while this is just one of many blessings you will receive in your life, remember that each one is special, a little love letter from your Heavenly Father just for you.

I love you with all my heart and I am so proud of you,