Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our First Visitor!

This last weekend Jason and I had our first visitor out here in Michigan. My friend Autumn made a pit stop to see us on her way out to the East Coast. Autumn and I met back when I was living in Park City. She has nannied a lot as well and we immediately bonded after sharing crazy nanny stories. :) It was so much fun to have someone to show around and to have a friend to hang out with!
We spent Saturday exploring Detroit.
We went to a farmers market, where I decided that in order to really benefit from that I needed to actually be able to cook. But I always enjoy walking around and the people watching in Detroit is great! We also went to the Detroit Institute of the Arts. This had been one of the places on my lists of things to do while we lived here so I was very excited to go. Plus we got in free via my family I nanny for! Yeah, nothing beats a free day at the art museum. It was a beautiful museum and we even got to do arts and crafts! If you can't tell by the picture, Jason was thrilled about this part of the day! He is such a great sport to put up with me and my friends all of the time. After the museum we headed across the border and into Canada for dinner. We ate at Caesars Palace again and decided that Canadian food really isn't that great. I still love the view from that side of the river though.
The weather was pretty stormy the rest of the time Autumn was in town so we really didn't get out and do to much. It was so great to have a visitor though and I am looking forward to July when some of my family comes out and stays with us!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Plan

Well it's official, Jason and I have decided that we are ready to take the next step in our relationship, and start our very own Family Plan. Everything else we've done before this seems so minimal now. Sending out announcements to all of our friends and family, getting married, having a reception, declaring our marital status on Facebook. All these things seemed like such a big deal at the time. But we are now truly officially in a serious relationship and have our very own Family Plan! Cell phone, Family Plan, that is. Yep, we are now on our own cute little, share your minutes, share the bill, Family Plan. In addition to that Jason has converted me over to AT&T. I feel like quite the traitor. I've been standing strong with Verizon for some years now. I loved Verizon! There once was a time that I wouldn't even consider dating anyone unless they were on Verizon and in my "network"so I didn't have to use any minutes on them. Not sure how Jason slipped through the cracks on that one! Jason has to have a Verizon line for work, so I was hoping I could pull him to my side of the phone divide, but No, he has the oh so amazingly precious iPhone that only AT&T provides so as of this last week I am no longer "in the

 network". Jason did surprise me with a fancy new phone though, to help ease the transition.  We were planning on just getting the free-b phone that comes with the new activation but when it got here it was one of those new fancy, do it all, smart phones. I've never had any sort of special phone before, I've always been too cheap, but I really do love this phone! Thanks Jason! And even though I have no one to talk to on it (all my family and friends are on Verizon) and still haven't quite figured it out yet, I sure do LOOK cool with it! :)