Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seven Peaks

We did the oh so amazing Pass of all Passes again this year.  Seven Peaks was so much fun with Ashton.  The kid loves to swim, especially after swimming lessons he lost all fear and just went nuts!  I'm always sad when the season is over and we can't go anymore.  
 One of his and mine favorite things is the people watching.  We are quiet good at it too.  
Jason was able to join us a few times, we also met up with my family and the Larsons.  
And we had a few play dates too.  Check out this handsome trio...
Ashton (21 months) Gage (2 years) Bennet (22 months)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Park City take 2

I had so much fun in Park City earlier this summer that all I wanted for my birthday was to go back.  It wasn't quite the same relaxing trip, but it was an adventure for sure.  Stephanie and Dallin came up on my b-day to watch Ashton and Jason and I headed to PC.  Since my birthday was on a Sunday things were pretty quite.  Jase got us a ton of snacks and treats and we spent the evening being lazy and relaxing at the hotel. 
This picture about sums up the rest of the trip.  

We woke up the next morning and headed for Park City Mountain Resort where we rode our bikes up (no lifts for us) before heading down, which is always the best part.  I about died, as usual.  But loved the scenery and the ride back down (as usual).  Next we headed for Jordanelle where we picked up some paddle boards and spent a few hours out on the lake.  My parents had gotten Jason and I gift certificates for our birthdays and we were excited to try our hand at it.

Looking back we should have done it opposite, adventure day then relaxing night... Rookie mistake.