Friday, August 28, 2009

6 months and 1 week

Jason and I have now been married for 6 months and one week! I am a little behind on the blogging I know...
It is hard to believe that 6 months has already gone by! At the same time it is so hard to imagine a time where he wasn't in my life.  The past six months have been pretty crazy and we have learned a lot about each other and life.  

We have lived in three different places now.  One in Park City, Ut and two in Michigan.  We have learned that driving for two days straight is a good way to test one another's patience.  We have learned that I have driving induced narcolepsy and if the car ride lasts longer than 10 minutes I fall asleep without fail.  Jason has learned that sometimes it is better to just let me sleep in order to not put up with my singing to my music. 

I have had three different jobs (not by choice).  We have learned that job hunting is not fun and that I get very bored and anxious when I do not leave the house for days on end.  We have learned that there is such a thing as too organized and that too much time on your hands can get you to that point rather quickly.

We have learned that even though there is a lot of dumb drama in singles wards they are a lot more fun and easier to make friends with than in family wards.  We have also learned that if you have children you get to be a part of a special club where you get together and talk about your children and set up play dates with your children and if you do not have children you get put into the "babysitter zone" and it is very hard to cross over from the babysitter zone to friend zone.  

We have also learned that there is nothing wrong with going to bed at 8:30 for the sole fact that there is nothing better to do.  We have learned that I like to lay in bed and talk about our day and our "feelings" while Jason likes to lay in bed and fall asleep within the first 5 seconds of conversation.  We have learned that I am a night person while Jason is a morning person.  Sleeping in for me means past 10 oclock.  Sleeping in for Jason means anything past 6:30am. 

We have learned that we have very opposite taste in clothes, and that Jason is much more fashionable than I am.  We have also learned that Jason can spend 15 minutes shopping and can come out with 5 things.  I can spend 5 hours shopping and be lucky to come out with more than one thing. 

We have learned that the fact that I am ten months older than Jason is a big deal and that while I see it as something to be kept a secret he loves to "brag" about the fact that he married an older woman.  We have also learned that my college degree, savings account, and other life accomplishment, trumps out his "my wife is older than me" speech. 

We have learned that even though it really means a lot to me when Jason cleans up or does laundry, I am still going to go back and do it all over again because I am that OCD.

We have learned that I can cook about 3 things other than Nachos.  We have learned that we are both creatures of habit and always end up ordering the same exact thing no matter where we go out to eat, and usually nachos are somehow involved.  

We have learned how to compromise.  We have learned that what may be important to one person may not be as important to the other.  We have learned to respect that we have differences.  We have learned that we are stronger and better off together than we are apart.  We have learned that there is such a thing as true love and that we are lucky to have found it.  We have gotten to travel and do and see so many fun things these past six months and there is no one else I would rather be doing all of these things with than Jason.  I love having my best friend to share my life with.  Even if it is just sitting at the lake reading books or watching our favorite shows or planning exciting trips that we have yet to take together.  I am absolutely more in love with Jason than I ever thought was possible and I know that those feelings are only going to continue to grow.  
For our Anniversary we went out to Bahama Breeze and ended up ordering the exact same thing we did when we went there for my birthday  (see... creatures of habit).  We also opened up our own bank account together and set up our IRA's for our retirement.  I guess if we can make it 6 months that means we should be good for the next 60 years right? :) I love you Jason and I am so excited to be on this journey with you. 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Woodward Dream Cruise

MSNBC.COM:  "At least 1
 million people turned out along Detroit’s fabled Woodward Avenue this weekend, hoping to get a glimpse of the estimated 50,000 to 60,000 muscle cars, hot rods and sports cars participating in the annual Woodward Dream Cruise...  the world's largest one-day celebration of car culture..." 

All I have to say in regards to the Dream Cruise is... WOW!!! Jason and I have been hearing about this "Dream Cruise" ever since we moved here.  Like most of you we had no idea what it was or what we were really in for. 
However, last weekend was one of the most exciting weekends/events we've seen in the Detroit area.  Woodward is an 8 lane main road that connects Detroit to its surrounding suburbs including where we are living.
Everything shutsdown for this event, the library, shops,  even the LDS Temple, almost everything located on Woodward is closed and the 16 mile stretch of road becomes one long amazing car show.  
People apparently bring their cars and lawn chairs from all over and either drive 
up and down the avenue or sit and watch the cars all day long.  Jason and I first got a glimpse of how big of a deal this was back over Memorial Day weekend when we first started seeing all the old Muscle Cars gather and drag along
 Woodward on saturday night.  Every Saturday night since than the grouping of cars has only grown larger and this past weekend they hit their max! I couldn't believe all the cars that turned out for this.  Friday night Jason and I decided to "cruise" Woodward and go check it all out.  

What would normally take us about thirty minutes took us almost 3 hours.  The amount of cars out was incredible! Sure there were a lot of people like us who were just driving to check things out, but the majority of the cars were anything from old restored Corvettes to

 brand new Ferraris.  
Saturday was a whole other story. They even shut down some of the surrounding roads so that people could park their cars and you can go and walk around and look at them.  People also lined the street watching all of the cars drive by.  We saw some pretty creative remake cars from movies and some crazy fast cars and some pretty expensive cars too.

It was such a fun and exciting weekend and I'm not even a "car person".

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well Jason did it again... He some how found a way to top my last birthday.  Last year he surprised me by picking my up in a limo and taking me up the canyon to Log Haven for dinner (among other gifts).  I told him last year that he had outdone himself and would never be able to top it.  But as always he was very tricky and sneaky and managed to make this years birthday even better,  by surprising me with a trip to Holland! 
Holland, Michigan that is.  It is a small Dutch town on Lake Michigan.  I'd been telling him I wanted to go check it out for quite some time now, and all the while he had already booked the reservations and planned it all out.  We left early Saturday morning and drove the two and a half hours west.  Jason spoiled me all weekend by doing all the things I love doing!  We spent the morning walking around a large art fair and going to see the last authentic dutch windmill left in the U.S.  and of course the beach.  I couldn't believe how beautiful the beach was.  You would have thought you were in California.  Waves and everything.  It threw me off every time I got knocked over by a wave and didn't come up spitting salt water out of my mouth.   It was so nice to relax on the beach together and watch the ocean, I mean lake waves, and the surfers and crazy boaters.  It was a pretty cloudy day and eventually started raining on us, so after the beach we went and checked into our hotel.  We stayed at The CityFlats Hotel right in town.  It was the coolest place I have ever stayed!    The whole hotel is very "green" and eco friendly.  From the soaps to the carpet to toilets.  Not that Jason and I are big greenies or anything but it was super cool and had a very fun and modern feel to it.  We had a suite that was bigger than our apartment with a huge bathroom, living room, and kitchen.  Not to mention Jasons favorite part, the two large flat screen TV's with surround sound through out the entire suite.  In an effort to save money Jason and I decided to do away with paying for cable so we have been with out TV for quite a while now.  It was the first thing he turned on when we walked in and we spent the afternoon watching the X games and waiting for the rain to stop.  Later that night we walked around downtown, had dinner at the New Holland Brewery Co. (we only drank the water I promise!) , and got ice cream at a little fudge shop.  The next day the weather was perfect!  After checking out of our hotel we went to a little dutch shop where they make and sell all sorts of dutch things, including wooden shoes.  Than it was back to the beach! It was such a perfect day and we spent hours laying on the beach and playing in
the water.  The drive home seemed to last forever, I in no way wanted to go back and start another week in the real world.  I love being able to spend so much time with Jason and I always have so much fun with him no matter what we are doing.  He is so great to me and I truly appreciate all that he does for me.   He also got me a gym pass to the gym he works out at and new gym clothes, among other things.  Spoiled, I know...  
For my actual birthday (two days later) we went out to dinner at a restaurant, I had been wanting to try, called Bahama Breeze.  When we got there I was surprised to find out that the family I nanny for had come back early from their trip in order to surprise me and join us for my birthday.  It was such a fun night spent with my wonderful husband and "Michigan Family",  they even got me a yummy TCBY cake with my name on it and everything.  Even though I miss my friends and family back home very much I feel so blessed to be able to share this adventure here in Michigan with Jason and to have met such a wonderful family who has done so much for both myself and Jason.