Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blue Lemon Disco Night

It's not often Jason and I get date nights.  I always feel guilty getting a babysitter to go out with since we have one so often for work as it is.  So to get a babysitter and go out for a date night on work was a real treat!  This year's BL party was at the Cottonwood Heights location.  Disco themed, with the usual tasty food and fun friends.  There was even the random drunk co-worker who really spiced up the dance floor.  
 Jason actually dressed up with me and came out and danced for a split second or two.  I love my job and I'm so grateful for the fun friends I've made over the past almost three years here.  It's an amazing feeling, being a part of something bigger.  That may sound weird, but I'm very proud of my job.  I know it has the usual frustrations and ups and downs.  But I've learned so much about myself and I work hard to make my contribution to the BL team something to be proud of.  
As usual we had our Lemmy awards. Where I actually won the Bleeds Blue award.  Something I was so shocked over.  Working with Aislinn I thought I knew all of the winners for all of the awards, but they had kept this one a secret from me really well.  Even when Michael announced my name, I was like "oh crap he mixed my name up with someone else".  I got an awesome Lulu Lemon jacket and another "trophy" that is now proudly displayed by my Rockstar award I won a few years ago.  We also won a frozen yogurt gift card in the raffle. 
Grateful to Jason as well for supporting me working.  I know the schedule isn't always ideal and I know that I bring home my work with me all to often, but I feel blessed to have a job that allows me the flexibility to provide for us while Jason is in school and to be able to spend as much time with Ashton as I can.  Not to mention I love what I do! It's my dream job really.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 according to Instagram

2012 couldn't have been much better.  
We saw so many changes and experienced so many firsts with our little man.  
Every day was a new adventure.  

Since this blog has turned more into a journal/scrapbook than anything else and most of my memories are on Instagram now, these are the photos that I just don't want to forget.

Like smiles.
The best baby eyes ever,
and baby toes.

We went to a few BYU games.
(9 months)
Worked on our muscles
so we could show them off at Seven Peaks.
(7 months)
Had the best cuddles. 
Helped Dad with homework projects
and helped Aislinn, Alex, Annalise, and Mom at work LOTS.
We played with puppies
(9 months)
and a few more of Ashton's favorite things.
Ashton loves snuggling all things soft but he loves driving and playing in cars even more.
Getting to eat solids was a pretty exciting thing this past year,
(7 months)
anything end everything from straight onions to spaghetti, to raspberries, to donuts, he loved it all.
We walked for a cure with CureSearch again, go team Super Skyler!
(10 months)
Got a new car seat
(7.5 months)
and learned about computers, teeth brushing, cooking, and some light reading.  
Adventured with Mom to California
(5.5 months)
and to Idaho for a family reunion.
Had an amazing Baby Blessing.
(3 Months)
The best Halloween
(11 months)
and a perfect Birthday.
Recap of 2012
Live: Alpine, Utah
Drive: BMW, and a Prius (yes we got a new car, and yes I miss the Maxima, and yes we now drive a Prius, check out our gas mileage and you won't make fun of us).
Work: Blue Lemon for Jen
School: BYU for Jase
Church Callings: 12 year old Sunday School teachers and RS Activity Committee
Travelled to: Canada for Jason, California for Ashton and Mom, Idaho a few times for all, Las Vegas for Jen and Jason, and St. George for all.
Highlights: Baby firsts, swimming, baby laughs, Band of Horses, the zoo, Real games, playing, crawling, walking, all things Ashton.
Goals for 2013: Play harder, laugh more, make it to the Temple, find time for each other even with our busy school/work schedules, try and drive the same cars all year long, take the MCAT, graduation, hug Ashton till he just can't take it anymore.

My favorite Insta pictures of 2012 that haven't made it onto other posts:
 (5 months)
 (3.5 months)
( 9.5 months)
(4 months)
(11 months)
(4.5 months)

Oh the many faces of Ashton Jay