Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fathers and Sons

Ashton went to his first fathers and sons campout with Jason and Grandpa Beckstrand this summer.  I was pretty skeptical on how well it was going to go, but apparently the kid had a blast, till it was time to go to bed and Jason ended up bringing him home at 1 in the morning.  Good try buddy, better luck next year.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19th

I had a special surprise party planned for Jason's birthday this year.  However, with some medical stuff going on with his parents I decided to cancel it and go to Plan B... Family Pictures.  Jason's favorite thing in the world!
 Actually Kayli was coming into town from nannying in Luxembourg and it would be the last time we were all together before Stephanie left on her mission.  We went for the quick and cheap Target option. That way if they didn't turn out, no worries.  The day before family pictures Ashton was running out side and fell. hard.  His poor nose.  I couldn't believe the timing of it.  Again, grateful it was just Target.  
We worked really hard on practicing saying "cheese" and smiling for weeks.  He still refuses though.
After pictures I had my Dad suggest that we go to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  When we got there all of Jason's family was there as well and I had arranged for Jason's favorite DQ ice cream cake to be ready for us. 
 It was a small surprise, but still a surprise non the less (something I can't pull off well with Jason).  Love you Jase!  Happy Birthday and thanks for being such a good sport!