Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm craving a vacation right about now.  For all those Utahn's you know the feeling.  Winter is long, and the sun is cruel and teasing right now. 
warm. cold. warm. cold. sunny but freezing.  

Ever since I was 11 and we moved from Washington to Arizona I would save up all my money all year long and go back to visit every year (except the year they came to visit me).  
Then when we moved to Utah, and I went back to Arizona as much as possible.  
I loved traveling. 
I loved the independence of getting on that airplane all by myself and having time with just my friends.  
My first year of college I was way too poor to go anywhere.  Then I found Nannying.  Traveling and getting paid for it.  I was off to New York, then California, best job ever.
The year after I graduated from USU was the best traveling time of my life.  In a years time I had gone to California (5 times), Cabo San Lucas, Cayman Islands, and New York.  Not to mention all the mini va-kays around Utah.
Needless to say, it's been a while... 
I'd love a day on the beach with this guy.
Or a night out exploring with these girls.
How much longer til we're done with school????

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Weekends have been super busy the past month. Baptisms, Funerals, Birthdays, Work... We've been all over the place and with the beginning of Wedding Season, it looks like my weekends will be booked from here till July.  
Luckily Jase and I got a special weekend last week with his family.  March 4th, Jason and all of his brothers and sisters were invited to attend the IEA awards banquet at Little America.  
Every year they pick a child in need and do fundraising through Children of the Earth and Hogs for Humanity, this year they have chosen to sponsor Skyler.  It was a fun and emotional night as we retold Skyler's story and had such an amazing response from so many people showing their love and support for Crystal and Skyler.  
It was such a perfect night out, which just doesn't happen often enough.  Love these girls!
The following Sunday we were invited to a very special Mario Party, thrown by Skyler himself.
He even hand delivered our invitations, did all the decorating, helped with the food, and planned the games.  We played pin the mustache on Mario, Uno, air hockey, had a treasure hunt, and got sweet prizes.  
Oh and of course we played Mario on the Wii.
 We had so much fun hanging out with Skyler I just love his laugh and his excitement for the littlest of things. 
Perfect Weekend. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This commercial makes me happy.

Maybe it's because I love this song.

Or maybe I just love the baby...