Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tiger Love

Halloween is officially my favorite holiday now.  Be prepared for an overload of pictures, because honestly, I just can't get enough of this little tiger!
The weekend before Halloween we met up with the Larson's (Jason's sister's fam) and went to the Pumpkin Parade at the Shops at the Riverwoods.  
They had trick or treating in the stores, petting farm, wagon rides, a headless horseman, balloons, bounce houses, games, and lots and lots of pumpkins.  The whole event was awesome.  I love having a little one to give me the excuse to play again. 
Ashton's cousin Everett is just a few months older than him.  I love that he has a cousin so close in age and I love that Brittany will hang out with me.
Little animal bums.  Ashton has a thing for bounce houses,
and I have a thing for the Waffle Love truck.  It's just delicious and genius. 
Love these two boys with all my heart.
I had all sorts of plans for the actual day of Halloween, but little Ashton decided a nap was more important.  Instead we stopped by Blue Lemon to say hello to our favorite people and did some quick trick or treating at the mall.  Ashton picked out his pumpkin bucket about a month before Halloween, he saw it at the store one day and wouldn't put it down.  It's actually made quite the entertaining toy. 
This time Ashton understood a little bit more the whole putting candy in his bucket thing and would hold it out to people rather than just stare at them blankly.
We met up for dinner with Ashton's buddy Mack, and Brent and Krista.  On the way home I had set Ashton's candy bucket on the seat next to him, not thinking he'd be able to reach it.  He was being awfully quiet on the ride home and when I looked back to check on him he had half eaten about every piece of candy in his bucket and was a sticky mess, covered in partially opened suckers and half eaten tootsie rolls.  The kids a sugar monster I tell ya. 
I've decided that little kids should be able to dress up like this year round.  Seriously does it get any cuter?